Pillar Genesis is a collection of 256 exclusive Pillar NFTs
built on the Polygon Network and listed at 80 $MATIC each!

Connect wallet

0 of 256 total supply minted

1 NFT mint per wallet

Claim NFTs

Claim available free* Pillar NFTs if you’re a whitelisted DAO governor or you’ve won a free mint in the Genesis lottery.
*apart from the gas fee

Available claims: 0

Not available

Enter Lottery

Stake your $PLR tokens on Polygon and participate in the lottery for a chance to win one of 256 Pillar NFTs every week.

  • Early bird entrants (during week 1 & 2) only stake a minimum 800 $PLR to enter.
  • Users entering during weeks 3-7, must stake 1000 $PLR.
  • Your balance: 0 $PLR

    Staking ended

    Exit Lottery

    After the lottery ends you’ll be able to unstake your $PLR tokens.

    The last lottery draw will take place on: 18 March 2022

    You will be able to unstake your tokens on: 19 March 2022

    Your staked balance: 0 $PLR

    Not staked
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